Evaluations from School Direct Training 2015-16
Written by Lesley   
Tuesday, 02 February 2016 18:35

During our work for the School Direct, one of our computing sessions was quality assured and evaluated by Hope University tutors, as part of the programme. We are really pleased to share with you the evaluation of our work.

"There were lots of clear and explicit links made to DfE documentation and to policy documents. A good working knowledge of such documentation was modelled. There were discussions of concrete strategies.

There were some good examples of modelling, for example, recap on previous work, assessing students’ prior knowledge, links to ‘You said, we did’, questioning at all levels of Bloom’s taxonomy depending on ability of student and topic being covered.  These were modelled naturally and well.

Trainees were encouraged to contribute and ask questions throughout the whole session, and an atmosphere of mutual respect meant that this was an important part of the learning. Interactive activities were used. Trainees worked in a variety of groupings and were engaged in the activities.

Throughout the session students were assessed through questioning and through the completion of a variety of tasks, both subject based and pedagogy based.

There was an excellent activity where trainees were encouraged to reflect on their own level of knowledge and how they felt about teaching it and trainees also reflected naturally and spontaneously. There was an emphasis on reflection in relation to subject knowledge and activities were then differentiated (either by trainees or the trainer) depending on the results of this reflection.

The trainer's subject knowledge was excellent.  A good subject knowledge was modelled and also emphasised throughout the session.  Links to TDA documentation were made clear and there was some explicit discussion about expectations.  Key vocabulary was emphasised, too, and a glossary provided."

Lynn Berry and Janet Lord



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